Baten Kaitos II / Origins: Deutsche Übersetzung von Helsionium & Sephie

Datei E000703A – Graue-Garde-Quartier – Gang, untere Ebene

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A2777934That girl… I’m sure she was the one with Shanath…▽Dieses Mädchen…
Ich bin mir sicher, dass sie mit Shanath unterwegs war…▽
AE767F33You’re right. Savyna, I think it was.

What is she doing in a place like this?!▽
Du hast recht…
Ich denke, sie heißt Savyna.

Was macht sie an einem Ort wie diesem?!▽
E85402EAIs she alone here at the Dark Service headquarters? And at a time like this?!▽Ist sie etwa ganz allein hier?
Noch dazu gerade jetzt!▽
0E2F4212She’s in danger. Let’s go after her.▽Sie schwebt in Gefahr.
Folgen wir ihr!▽
80B18B52It looks like she’s not the only on in danger.▽Offenbar schwebt nicht nur
sie in Gefahr.▽
66514B0EIf we don’t do something about the locker room soon, there will be no end to them!▽Wenn wir uns nicht bald um den Raum mit den Paramachina-Spinden kümmern, nimmt das kein Ende!▽
12DC8FD3Dark ServicemanSoldat der Grauen Garde
9228F0B2They’ve called an emergency summons. Head up to the strategy room, pronto!▽Eine dringende Besprechung wurde einberufen. Los, los, auf zum Besprechungszimmer!▽
FE944E2BOnce you’re prepared for battle, move out to the target destination!▽Wenn du fertig bist, begib dich zum Treffpunkt!▽
2A30D011HQ has gotten awfully quiet, now that people are being sent all over the place on missions.▽Das Quartier ist ziemlich ruhig geworden, seit die Leute in alle Welt entsendet wurden.▽
624BBC1DWhy the hell were you called for the emergency meeting while I’m stuck here on lookout duty?

I don’t like it.
Hurry up, get out of my sight!▽
Warum hat man dich zur Einsatz- besprechung gerufen, während ich hier Wache schieben muss?

Das gefällt mir ganz und gar nicht. Komm schon, verschwinde!▽
DECDBD21A rookie kid on a Code S mission? Try to keep it together out there.▽Du Grünschnabel darfst auf die Klasse-S-Mission gehen? Stirb nicht da draußen.▽
BFCBE18FI’ve finally been allowed to go on a Code A mission.

It’s because of my dedication to Lord Baelheit. Like you’d know anything about that.▽
Endlich darf ich auf eine
Klasse-A-Mission gehen.

Das verdanke ich nur meiner Hingabe für Lord Baelheit. Aber was weißt du schon darüber!▽
A61C8AFASo I hear you had a paramachina even before joining up with the Dark Service.

Uh-huh. I’d like to see this „paramachina“ of yours.▽
Ich habe gehört, du hättest schon eine Paramachina gehabt, als du zu uns gekommen bist.

Ja, klar… Diese „Paramachina“ möchte ich sehen! Ha ha ha…!▽
A38E56D5This paramachina looks sort of different from the imperial models… Where did you dig it up?▽Deine Paramachina sieht anders aus als die Modelle des Imperiums. Wo hast du die denn ausgegraben?▽
16063D0DThis man looks positively miserable… He’s just staring at those rotting mountain apples.▽Dieser Mann sieht vielleicht unglücklich aus… Er starrt auf diese vergammelnden Bergäpfel.▽
76C644C8 Let’s talk to him
It’s not our concern
Reden wir mit ihm
Das geht uns nichts an
D59A4E9FYeah, I wonder what his story is?▽Ja, ich frage mich, was es damit auf sich hat…▽

Wh-Who are you people?
How long have you been standing there?!▽

Wer seid ihr?
Wie lange steht ihr schon da?!▽
0667BEB1What’s with you and the mountain apples?▽Warum starrst du so auf diese Bergäpfel?▽

You’re not even a Serviceman.
Just get out of here!▽
T-tu ich doch gar nicht!

Du bist ja nicht mal einer von uns! Verschwinde von hier.▽
CB6BBD12Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with us. Keep moving…▽Ja, das geht uns nichts an.
Gehen wir einfach weiter…▽
93E38B8B… … …▽… … …▽
E68F3E34The target is the emperor’s residence.

Knowing Olgan, it’ll be well-guarded, but we have paramachina.▽
Das Ziel ist die Villa des Imperators.
So, wie ich Olgan einschätze, wird sie stark bewacht sein, aber wir haben ja Paramachina bei uns.▽
7EC0A554You’ve sure got brass assassinating Emperor Olgan, kid.▽Ganz schön mutig von dir, Imperator Olgan zu ermorden, Junge.▽
30B76D53It wasn’t like that!
That was supposed to be our mission!!▽
Du verstehst das nicht!
Genau das war ja unsere Mission!!▽
B603DD72I don’t know what you’re talking about…but if I were you, I’d stop talking about it.▽Was schwafelst du da…? An deiner Stelle würde ich lieber schweigen.▽
3DE4EE8AThe paramachina lockers are just ahead.

Did you come to pick up that oddball paramachina of yours?▽
Hier geht es zu den Paramachina-Spinden.

Bist du gekommen, um deine seltsame Paramachina zu holen?▽
8CF59F86The paramachina locker room is just ahead.

Once you’re done preparing you should get a move on and head out.▽
Hier geht es zu den Paramachina-Spinden.

Sobald du mit den Vorbereitungen fertig bist, solltest du aufbrechen.▽
F9342FFFOutta my way, move it! ▽Los, aus dem Weg!▽
446B261CThis giant pipe is emitting a low rumble.▽Ein tiefes Rumoren tönt aus diesem Rohr.▽
F2DE9BDAThe stale water in this barrel must have been drawn quite some time ago.▽Das abgestandene Wasser muss schon länger in diesem Fass gelagert werden.▽
326909B4Boxes of unused supplies have been carelessly stacked in a pile.▽Kisten mit unbenutzten Vorräten wurden achtlos übereinander- gestapelt.▽
4DDCF053The barrel is overflowing with rotting mountain apples.▽Das Fass ist randvoll mit verrotteten Bergäpfeln.▽
One step closer and I think I might pass out from the stench…▽
Ein Schritt näher, und ich muss mich übergeben…▽
48E6BF8EThat’s odd… This fire is out.▽Seltsam… Die Fackel ging aus.▽
That’s the paramachina locker room!▽
Da geht es zu den Paramachina-Spinden!▽
9BF50940If you’re one of the men called to the meeting, then get yer tail up to the strategy room!▽Du wurdest doch zur Besprechung gerufen, also eile gefälligst nach oben zum Besprechungszimmer!▽
41F2F28BHey! New guy!▽
A09368B6Perfect timing!
Come here a second.▽
BBA5B34DHey, new guy!
You came at the perfect time!▽
AE857F95All right, that’s my man.▽
41636199I’ve got a bad feeling about this…▽
B1FB34DBYou’re Sagi, right?
The new recruit?▽
03D91D37I’m not a member of the Dark Service anymore.▽
Then why are you here?▽
68F1E856Never mind that.
You came at the perfect time.▽
15466845See, too many men took the magna essence of the torches when getting ready. Now they’ve all gone out!▽
44C63C58So, the captain just came by and told me to relight them all using some fire.

The problem is, all of my blank magnus are filled with water.

So, standard operating procedure says it’s your responsibility to take over.▽
D91D9AE8Standard… Wait, why me?!▽
CDF5CDDCOh, simmer down.
These kinds of jobs always go to the new guy!▽
F8D7C416And I’m trying to tell you that I’m not a member of the Dark Service anymore…▽
9B8E061ALook, I’ll give you something nice when you’re done, OK?▽
What do you think, Name?▽
CB7F7A9E Let’s do it
There’s no time
F2997410OK, fine.
I’ll do it.▽
C053CA52Hey hey! ‚Atta boy.
What a decent guy!▽
D5DD3ED9I’ve got a mission of my own here!
Do it yourself!▽
EC69C2BBAww, come on!
This is a critical mission too!!▽
E0E36A1DWhy should I have to when I’m not even a serviceman?! Do it yourself!▽
FF8BF469Aww, come on!
Just because you quit doesn’t mean I don’t still outrank you here!▽
B951C230If you face the torches and use a flame magna essence, that should do the trick.

There are four torches in total. Report back once you’ve got them all. I’m counting on you!▽
Looks like we got stuck doing it after all.▽
51745D9AOh, that’s right?you can get the flames you need to relight the torches from any of the room lights.▽
5E11A25DWell, you done yet?▽
56B79B7FNo, not quite…▽
32D4BEA5Come on!
This size mission should be a snap!▽
3FF14271„Mission“? This is menial labor. I oughta just leave and let him take the heat…▽
768D6BFAOh! New guy!
What happened to your mission relighting all the torches?▽
Well, uh…▽
54B7CB77How long is it going to take?
This size mission should be a snap!▽
881DF5B8You DO know that I’m not in the Service anymore…right?▽
AFC69CC0I finished relighting them all.▽Alle Fackeln brennen wieder.▽
EC5D7265Oh, great! That was faster than I thought.▽
BE917439Ahh, thanks for your hard work.▽
AEABA171Well then, here’s your reward.
You’ve earned it!▽
1AED9F20Magnus Pack CouponMagnus-Paket-Gutschein
35B87EAFWhat’s this?▽
58743D2DDon’t tell me you’ve never heard of magnus pack coupons before?

Man, what rock have you been living under?▽
9672676AIf you bring this to a shop, they’ll exchange it for a whole pack of magnus.

You’ll get a set of 10, and there’s talk that sometimes rare magnus are mixed in there, too.▽
77FB0471But never mind that.
Is it OK for you to still be hanging around here?▽
37FC60B3Oh no, the mission!▽
3BFCEB19The captain’s scary when he’s mad.▽
Whose fault is it I’m running late?▽
1C716164That captain is one mean customer.
If you don’t want to get hurt, you’ll watch yourself around him.

Well, be careful, kid.▽
4BF48A8CThe torch is lit.▽Die Fackel brennt.▽
8D51634EThe torch is out.▽Die Fackel ist erloschen.▽
6868D33CIt looks like we could use a flame magnus to relight this torch.▽Mit der Magna-Essenz einer Flamme können wir diese Fackel wieder anzünden.▽
0D6AC06COK, it’s lit.
That leaves %d to go.▽
Sie brennt wieder. Also noch %d!▽
7BA9B239All right, that’s the last of them.▽Gut, das war die letzte Fackel.▽
Should we report back that we’re done, Name?▽
Sollten wir berichten, dass wir fertig sind, Name?▽
EE01640FWell, we may as well report back that we’re done, huh, Name?▽Dann können wir eigentlich berichten, dass wir fertig sind, nicht wahr, Name?▽
601770BCUsing this here isn’t going to do anything.▽Mama sagt immer: „Dies ist weder die richtige Zeit noch der richtige Ort dafür.“▽
151C7B86We need to bring a flame from somewhere to relight this.▽Suchen wir irgendwo anders nach einer Flamme zum Anzünden.▽
59C6B250„Mission“ complete.▽
2B571FCF…Let’s go.▽
F129B9DELet’s go. We have to stop the paramachina rampage!▽
6983BEB4Let’s move. We have to get to the bottom of this!▽
0C895BCCHe’s taken slugs to the gut. Looking at this blood loss, it’s doubtful he’s alive.▽
8C4B718BThis is terrible…▽
CA0DE9B0Sagi, he’s holding onto something.▽
417C9AA0This is… It’s his travel log.▽
01B98FF5There’s something stuck in between the last pages. Should we take a look, Name?▽
D3D93AEAOne of the pages has been bookmarked. Should we take a look, Name?▽
A12E6334 Let’s read it
We shouldn’t peep
F3BA32D4This specially marked page makes me curious, too. What do you suppose it is?▽
1890906DThis is the only page that was really filled in carefully. I wonder what it says.▽
61E083A0That spiriter kid, Sagi, came in as a new recruit the other day, and the others are really laying into him.

It reminds me of when I first got here. I guess it’s because we both come from the boonies originally.

I’m not going to make a big show of it, but maybe I’ll give him a little errand and some encouragement.

That’s right, those torches in the hallway needed to be relit.

If I make him take care of that, nobody will question me giving this coupon to him afterwards.▽
F6D87DE2A magnus pack coupon has been tucked away between these pages.▽
027347DEThis soldier was looking out for you, Sagi…▽
C96878F1He was planning on giving that paper to you. How about taking it?▽
0F1F34B2Now, wait just a minute, Guillo!▽
FB9DC6BEHe was going to give it to me as a reward for helping him out with those torches.

…I have to keep my side of this bargain, too.▽
775115B2Let’s go. I’m lighting those torches before taking this.▽
It’s a little late to report back, but…▽
814FA148Let’s go. We’re stopping these paramachina!▽
03241629You’re right.
Let’s leave it in peace.▽
60CBC91DHe’s taken slugs to the gut. Looking at this blood loss, it’s doubtful he’s alive. He’s holding a travel log.▽
4E38BF1AA magnus pack coupon has been tucked away between the travel log’s pages.▽
E9B9C56DI’m still not worthy of taking this.▽

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